What is the best event in basketball?

The first European Final Four I attended was in 1992. I had no clue. I was an American who had recently moved to Europe, and I knew nothing of the players, coaches and teams, and this was how it ended: Aleksandar Djordjevic, who hit the shoulder-swiveling 3-pointer to turn a Partizan loss into the European championship, left me in awe of everything I didn’t know. I had no idea what to make of any of it – the cigarette smoke that gathered at the top of the 12,000-seat arena in Istanbul and worked its way row by row down toward the court … the hysterical speed of the games set loose by fewer timeouts, especially in the final minutes … the lyrical chanting of the Spanish fans who would sing themselves hoarse throughout their team’s games so persuasively that you would wake up singing along with them the next day.

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